QuikEyes Support includes one hour orientation training and signature entry with the initial set-up fee.  QuikEyes Meaningful Use Version includes two hours of orientation training and signature setup.  QuikEyes support is provided by a third party technology services firm, Tricension.

Effective 09/01/2013 technical support for PC workstation, network, internet issues, browser version issues, user and Meaningful Use support will be billed back to the QuikEyes subscriber.

Non-Emergency / routine support requests should be sent to support@tricension.com.  The QuikEyes support team will contact you within one business day (Monday through Friday) (i.e. Friday PM service request will be actioned by Monday PM).

For Support Emergencies call 913-244-1262.  For outage situations, QuikEyes support will engage within one business hour during workdays or two hours during non-business hours.

Support Fees:

  • $ 125 / hour during business hours
  • $ 150 / hour off business hours / weekends / holidays
  • $ 150 / hour Meaningful Use consultation / assistance
  • Minimum charge of ¼ hour
  • Please schedule time for MU Consultation with Dr. Lowenstein by emailing him at mlolathe@sbcglobal.net

Support fees will be assessed for the following types of technical issues:

  • Local area network / business network issues
  • Wireless network issues
  • Laptop / PC workstation issues
  • Virus Issues
  • Firewall Issues
  • Trusted Sites Issues
  • Pop-Up Blocker Issues
  • Business internet service provider issues
  • Use of a Personal Computer or Operating System
  • Use of wireless broadband cards / hotspots /  USB cards
  • Hardware changes / upgrades
  • Operating systems changes / updates / upgrades
  • Silverlight upgrade/downgrade issues
  • Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Other Browser/Macs not working with Silverlight Issues
  • Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Other Browser Version Issues (see System Reqs section for recommended Operating System/Browser compatibility for best results)
  • Operating System Issues (i.e. Windows Version Compatibility, Mac OS Version Compatibility, etc...)
  • New PC’s
  • New Printers
  • New Users/Edit Users
  • Forgotten Password
  • Forgotten QuikEyes web address (URL)
  • Patient Record merges
  • Procedural Questions on use of QuikEyes answered by Tricension
  • Any other non-system wide issues

Technical Support Issues will be billed by either Tricension or QuikEyes and payment is required at time of service billed by invoice to your active Paypal account.

Support Manual:

Click to view and download the QuikEyes Technical Support Manual:  QuikEyes_Technical_Support_Manual