Industry Leading Data Center

  • Facility : Housed in a physically secure, air and power conditioned vault inside a hardened access controlled, secure and monitored data center.
  • Power : Servers utilize dual / redundant power supplies. Servers supported by redundant uninterruptable power supply backed by a natural gas generator
  • Data Security : Each practice receives an isolated, separate and dedicated database instance (HIPAA Required)
  • Data Backup : Database server drives are mirrored using RAID, database is encrypted and backed up nightly to local disk storage, encrypted nightly backups are then copied to a second data center
  • Internet Bandwidth : Dedicated 60 MB network bandwidth service for both upload and download
  • Isolated behind Firewall and a DMZ, tested quarterly for intrusion vulnerability
  • Availability monitoring – Internal and external services monitor systems availability and on 30 second intervals 24 x 7 x 365. Availability alters sent to second and third tier support organization for management.

Data Storage Fee Tiers
($30 Per Month for Every 10GB Stored)
Up to 10 GB Stored : Included in Subscription Fee or $30 per month
for Storage Only/Cancelled Subscriptions

     Extra Storage Fees:
  0-10 GB : $30 per month
11-20 GB : $60 per month
21-30 GB : $90 per month
31-40 GB : $120 per month
41-50 GB : $150 per month

*10 Gb of storage amounts to about 15,000 patient records with minimal scanned information. 
Color scans and stored digitial photographs occupy more storage space and will cause
storage numbers to increase more rapidly than black and white scans.

Data Storage over the initial 10 GB included with the Subscription, or
Data Storage Only requires a separate Data Storage Subscription, in
addition to QuikEyes User Subscription, billed automatically monthly 
to an active Paypal account unless paid in advance for the year.